Irregular birthday celebration

25th Feb is my first son’s birthday.
It’s not luxury celebration but I cook what he likes and prepare the birthday cake.
Sometimes I bake it for him, sometimes buy it for him when I feel lazy, ha-ha. It’s ok, mother isn’t perfect human too.

This year I wanted to bake because he becomes 10 years old! You know 10 years old sounds special for me.. like he is half-adult 😀
I made this 2 years ago on his 8th birthday.

I wanted to bake something like this even though it takes several steps to complete like making cookie dough, make it in shape, bake cookies, then bake chocolate cakes and decorate them together. Oh I was even little excited to do.

But the things didn’t go well.

All my children fall’n sick in order for 3 weeks before his birthday, and one of them were even admitted to the hospital.

As parents, my husband and I really had tough time to manage all works, schools, and households…it seemed impossible to find time to prepare the cake. My poor boy.

Even more, on his birthday, I was in the hospital with my daughter who is admitted because of influenza and pneumonia.

So I changed the plan to get new cake for him.

The cake he craving for since long ago was… Baskin Robbins ice cream cake!

Alright yes, I know my cakes looks nicer ;P
But this isn’t bad too…

At least my son was happy. (even happier than 2 years ago..?)

Ok, so in the end, all good on his birthday 😀


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