Favorite breakfast

I still remember those days I came to Malaysia in 2001.
A lot of culture-shocks, funs, yummy foods… all were very memorable.

I used to stay in Kuara Lumpur, the capital city in Malaysia.
Compare to now and then, KL changed a lot from the capital city of developing country to MEGA HUGE GIANT CITY(not sure how to say in proper words in English, sorry).
It might make me feel a little sentimental for those old good days but of course, some were good changes and some good stuffs remains.

I love this food since the beginning.

Called ROTI KOSONG. I know there are other significant foods represent Malaysian breakfast like Nasi Lemak or Pan Mee.. (I love those too.) 
But if I have to choose 1 for eating everyday, I struggle for a while but I would take this in the end.

ROTI KOSONG is from Indian-Malaysian’s ancestors.
ROTI means “bread”, KOSONG means “zero” in Malay language.

It’s a little crispy and contains a lot of butter and egg, eat with those curry sauces which I like.
If you find the nice ROTI KOSONG shop, the combination with Teh Tarik(Sweet milk tea) is the best.  It is the best. I said twice.

Well.. I was having great breakfast time this morning with my lovely 3 dinosaurs or monsters or trouble makers…whatever.
Even they made a lot of noises and I sometimes lost patient, but I still enjoying eating. E X C E P T …(Please do not scroll down if you dislike insects or bugs)









The place I live is called Cameron Highlands.
It’s a beautiful place where those farmers grow fresh vegetables and flowers.
So sometimes those things.. like fertilizer’s smell calling out them, I guess.

Cameronians once told me these flies are very clean.
And I still can’t get the meaning XD


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