Thoughts about my current project

Now I’m working on “Kimono Girl” illustration with poems.

I set meanings or stories on each illustration.
To me, all my kimono girls represents girl’s power.. power against to all unreasonable or irrational society which exploit the weaks.
Weaks..sometimes, woman is one of them physically and historically or culturally.

I have a daughter. I want her to be independent. At the same time, I want her to be safe and to stay happy. Wish she has all the human right which she suppose to have equally as a man does. (I have 2 sons and of course, I wish them to be independent, safe and happy as well.)

Let’s talk about Japan.
I love this country because it’s the place I’m raised.
Very systematic, clean, convenient, good manners, nice&healthy food…
I can list-up many more good points of my home country.

But to be honest, I do not want to live there for one reason.

Women isn’t treated as same as men.

And a lot of people is not aware of that even women.
I wasn’t neither until I flied to overseas and see the world.

Sometimes I feel difficulties having conversations about this topic with my friends, family members in Japan or even my mother.

I should show examples concretely why I have these thoughts which women aren’t treated right, but it might be very long paragraphs.
So I pushed them to the next opportunity when I talk about this again.

Anyway, go, kimono girls, go!
I let them stand firm to survive the world.


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