Little happiness across the sea

I have two sisters and one brother.
I won’t talk about elder sis or younger brother today.
So.. my younger sister.
Petite and sweet girl married to American.

They used to live in Japan for 7 years together if I’m not mistaken the duration.. and now moved back to husband’s home town in Florida with their lovely daughter. They seemed so happy in the pics on SNS, enjoying sun and beach.

Few months passed.
I know what is happening. I mean psychologically what is happening to her. My younger.

She is missing home.
There are no friends and family of her own she used to be with(in this case, parents, other sister, and brother).
And the communication problems.
She can speak English but not as native people.
Some don’t mind much about these kinda issues, but most of the time, it isn’t easy to find someone who really can understand you when you are just new at the place. Imagine you only have “Hi-Bye friends” and no one to meet up besides.

I used to stay in the U.S. in my young period.
I came to Malaysia alone 20 years ago.

So I can understand the feeling of staying foreign country with no friends for certain period.
And I worry, of course. She is my sister.

But not much things I can do for her about these home sick kinda issue, she must get over it by herself.
So I just prepared to send some stuffs to make her little happier.

Two sweaters. Orange and red. I know she looks good in these colors.

On the left, it’s a small-sized shoulder bag designed by my friend artist, SANAE YAMADA. Her drawing is now getting popular in Malaysia. I’m one of her big fan, too. I bought these series for my other family members too.

On the right, these two are my illustration canvas board.
Pink is for her daughter. Bird one is for her.

For my brother-in-law? hmmmmmm…
I don’t know what to give him. He is very smart and kinda cool man who used to play like DJ.. musician? I’m not familiar with those cool things.
It’s ok, I just put some snacks and tea-bags together teehee XD

I hope she feels better after she received little gift across the sea 🙂


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