My “YOKAI” goes to NY!

Do you know what is YOKAI?

It means “Japanese Monsters” deeply related to our Japanese culture since long ago. Our ancestors imagined those mysterious and unique creatures when there happened strange/inexplicable things.
It sometimes scared people, and at the same time, it is being loved by the people.

My most favorite Yokai is TENGU.
TENGU has red face, long nose, and wings.
He is sometimes defined as the god of the mountain, and the fan leaf he is holding can make typhoon by one swing.
My husband has kinda TENGU looks, ha-ha.

Few days ago, I was received an email.
It is from the gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

I was surprised that they found my work.. via my Etsy shop.
They are asking me to submit my art piece if I’m interested because their next exhibition will be about YOKAI. They found it my work is suitable for their concept.

Well, well, well… why not, New York!
I’ve never been there but it sounds so nice to me.
I know it’s one of the biggest and most famous city in the world.
I know there are so many artists.
Yes, I let my Yokai fly to you!

I will announce the venue, date about the exhibition later.


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