We are different, yet we are the same

If you are European or Western and if you’ve never visited to Asian countries before, I guess it’s a little hard to differentiate us.
Are we Japanese? Chinese? Korean? or maybe.. Thai?

Because of the skin colors, hair colors, the face features and so on, people judge us with rough stereo-type images if they do no know about it.
Same things goes to European and Western. If we don’t know about their cultures, we can’t differentiate.

To know the cultural background is interesting.
It relates to the history deeply. Japanese culture is once much-affected by Chinese culture when both countries started to meet and mingle in ancient time, and we developed it as original Japanese culture.

The calligraphy, clothes, religious thoughts and so on… we learned many things from them. That’s why we are different, yet we are the same.

I started to draw cultural illustration for some Asian countries to show my appreciation for the beautiful oriental arts and cultures.
The first one is Japan as an image attached to the top of this post.
My home country, beautiful Japan. I expressed “the appreciation for natures” mainly, and let the girl holds weapon to show “the resist of women”.

I love the outcome. What do you think?

Next one would be China 😀


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