Good Life

My life isn’t luxury.
I’m not from Rich family.
I do not own expensive cars.
My house is very old, and not planning to renovate so far because of the financial reason.
I have no full-time jobs.
I have very few friends here.
Not going overseas travel posting nice pictures on SNS.

It might sounds boring.

But I’m happy.

I’m not from Rich family but my parents grew me with love.
I do not own expensive cars but we can enjoy singing together inside.
No budget for the renovation but I can DIY with my husband. (IKEA is our good partner.)
I have no full-time jobs but I can work on what I like.
I have very few friends but we are very close.
Not going overseas travel but I can bake bread having picnic in my garden with my friend’s family.

Today was a good day. That’s what I wanted to write today.
Nice coffee, the aroma of freshly-baked buns, sweet strawberries and petit-tomatoes…and yes, the most important thing is “Friend”!
We had a good time. Our children were happy to play together.
They laughed, jumped around, run, sang and swing.
My friend and I enjoyed chit-chat since morning until evening.

I appreciate what I have now and wishing this peaceful days last long.


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