It’s in Their Blood

China is a giant in Asian History.
Their rich culture affected much to Japan in ancient time.
For example, Japanese uses their original letters called HIRAGANA, KATAKANA (for foreign origin words), and plus KANJI which is from China.

It’s not exactly same but there are many common KANJI letters we both use. That’s why even we can’t talk, we can sometimes write KANJI to communicate for simple things.

I’ve never been to China though, my husband is Malaysian Chinese (which means his ancestor is from China and migrated to Malaysia), so our 3 children are mixed blood.

They are holding two nationality as Japanese and Malaysian.
I don’t know which they will choose when they reached to the age they have to make decision(Japanese government doesn’t allow to holds two nationality), but I hope they know about Malaysia, Japan, and China which relate to their identity.

Me? I’m pure Japanese to be proud or not to be proud.. it doesn’t matter.
When I studied histories, sometimes it is a shame to be Japanese for those guilts that we did to other countries especially during WW II.
But we can’t run away from the fact in the past.
We have to move on never forgetting the past not to repeat same things, never ever again.

Hmm.. I sound too serious? But I can’t make jokes about this 🙁


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