The Memory of Petite Gentleman

I completed Korean cultural illustration today.
Korea is neighbor country of Japan which I’ve never been.. I haven’t had chance to go there so far.
But I love Korean food and I have many memories with Korean people.

Mr. Lee, I remember.
He was a petite gentleman willing to be a pilot studying in Texas, the U.S.
There was aviation course in my college because the town was surrounding the U.S. army camp.
Very polite, friendly, always smiling, and kind to everyone.
Every time I met him in the morning, he smiled and said “Good-morning, Norico-san!”

You know when you are in college or university, the life is very happening.
Studies, friendships, relationships…not knowing how to solve endless problems and sometimes or often it happens.. I mean, “all messed-up time.”
But he was always out of all those messes. He was the oldest in my English class. I guess, he was like over 40..? nearly 50? I’ve never asked, but
I know he never disrespect youth.
I used to feel reliefs when I heard his “Good-morning, Norico-san!” with his smile.

I noticed that more than 20 years passed from then.
What Mr. Lee doing now?
I think he became a pilot and now flying in the sky in somewhere.
I really hope so.


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