Vietnam Timeless Charm

My younger sister once told me Vietnam is like a dreamland.
She went to the country for holiday about 20 years ago…
Brought back her lovely order-made Áo dài.

Vietnam isn’t far from Malaysia. I heard it’s about 2 hours by flight.
When I think about traveling around, I must consider how we can manage the journey with 3 children.
2 hours flight is good. And the weather… not cold.
They have many pretty ceramics, crafts, and delicious food, too.
Hey, I love their fresh spring-roll with shrimps!
I can’t find the reason for not going there 😀

Yet we are still not allowed to move freely because of COVID 19 spreading around the world, I set this country is the next destination for my family trip.
To know other countries by study on the desk or surfing internet is good.
But to experience going there is even better.


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