I can go everywhere.

COVID19 affects massively everywhere all over the world.
Here, Malaysia as well.
The range of behavior is controlled and limited, we have to stuck at own place.
Ok, well, the earth is taking a break then.

Now we must think what we can do.
Watching TV? Surfing internet? That’s good way to spend time.
But when we have kids together…
It’s a little harder. They easily get bored and start fighting each other.
I think I scold them very loud more than 10 times since morning today.
My voice sounds like really evil witch.

Well, now my husband came from work.. I pass all the mess to him :P, and now is my time to relax!

What’s the most effective way to release my stress is… “drawing” at this situation, quarantine.

When I illustrate other countries, I imagine that I’m going there and thinking what to do in the country when I visit next time.
Thailand is my favorite country. I went to KRABI and Phuket before.
Both were different type of beaches but both are really fun!
The clean water, blue sky, and spicy and nice food…
I wish to let my children experience the fun trip together next time.

Oh I guess I’m too tired and took long time to type this post…

Evil witch mommy need to cook now. Bye.


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