It’s like the war

So it’s been about a week since the Malaysian government announced “lock down”.

The place I’m living is country side and majority of ppl running the farm.

My husband is growing flowers as his family business. 

They are known as good gerbera grower.Their gerbera are big,colorful and beautiful. But now the distribution has been stopping,and they have to throw those lovely flowers.

It’s heartbreaking when you must see it is just thrown to garbage spots.

It makes us sad. 

And school is closed. Locked down at home. Can’t gather with people, seeing the news how many victims have died, and everything is controlled.

I noticed this is like a war time.

I’ve never experienced the war and sure this is much better than the war but, at least I could feel that how depressing, uneasy, and stressful living under this kind of unordinary situation…
It made me think about ppl suffering from the war everywhere.

Hopefully this returns to normal soon.


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