Go Nomadic – Mongolia

This project makes me think about myself.
How could I have been so ignorant about the world.

I do research before I draw the country.
So many discoveries, so many surprises, and noticed that I had very very narrow mind and really little knowledge about other countries.
It’s a shame.

I was born in Japan. Japan is described as a developed country.
I always had benefits from civilization with modern society.
That, was my everything. The whole world I know.

But it’s not.

I don’t know how nomads lives in reality.
I don’t know how the feeling of tribes forced to be apart at borders between two countries in ancient times.
I don’t know how beautiful and “deep” the traditional clothes are.

I don’t know anything.

This Mongolian illustration was very hard.
Very hard to draw. But I was really excited to draw these two girls..
I was so fascinated by one of the tribe in Mongolia which haunt animals by hawk.
I was so attracted by the traditional wear of Khalkha (This is a model of Princess Padmé Amidala Naberrie in Star Wars).

The world is beautiful. I love doing this project.


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