2LITY – Art exhibition in KL

She was my classmate when I was an art school student once in Kuala Lumpur.
Because I entered to the school when I was 27, I was 10 years elder than most of my classmates.
They were like my younger sisters or brothers.
I still remember that when they all celebrate my 30th birthday haha..
Anyway, she was one of my classmates.

She wore glasses on her baby face. Loved and cared by parents a lot.
I called her “Kinoko-chan” because she was cute like a mushroom 🙂

After our graduation, she continue her further studies to UK university.
Few years later, she came back and married, and started to run a cafe somewhere in a city.
She had been always wishing to connect art and people.
And finally, she managed to plan the art exhibition with the theme of “2LITY.” (It focus on the 2 sides of a thing.)

I wasn’t aware of this event since I’m living far, far away from the city.
The place I’m living takes 3-4 hours to drive from Kuala Lumpur.
Plus I didn’t know that she can now do this.. I mean she was still about 20 in my memories.
But actually she is over 30 like I’m over 40. Haha, she is matured!

So she contact me via SNS. She was checking on my work, and she loves it.
Asking me to submit two works for the exhibition along to the theme 2LITY.
So I picked Japanese and Chinese cultural illustration from the project I’m working on currently to show 2LITY of my family.
Yes because I married to Malaysian-Chinese. So my children has two cultural background as Japanese and Chinese.

I proceeded printing my drawing on canvas board and it’s ready!
Now passed to Kinokochan, and those art pieces will be on the exhibition in coming April.
I hope COVID19 won’t disturb the exhibition badly…


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