Do you believe in reincarnation?

To be honest, I was not aware of the attractiveness of this country, Bhutan.
It’s a small country between two huge countries, India and China.

I was listing-up all Asian countries and wondering the next one to draw.
Phillipine? Indonesia? or Maldive? What, is it in Asia, too?
Though I like to stay in overseas, I’m not a traveller.
Oh maybe I just don’t like to stay in my own country..

Anyway, I don’t know about the world much. Some places, I just know the name. (I’m shy to say that now.. too ignorant.)
And Bhutan was one of them, too.

I didn’t know why Bhutan is called as “Utopia” “Fairyland” or “The land of happiness.”
I know their king is handsome, and the queen is very pretty. (Sorry I sounds so stupid here.. oh gosh)

But how is the life style? What do they eat? What makes them so happy and calm?
What life routine they have?
I started research and found out their life deeply relates to Buddhism.
And in their country, the monks are very important.
Some high-class monks are acknowledged as the monks in previous time.

It is called reincarnation . The people who has souls from previous life. This is one of the basic thoughts of Buddhism. Yes, I am a buddhist too.

I believe in destiny, I believe in reincarnation.
I was someone in previous life. And I will be someone after this life.
So I need to brush up my souls to be ready for next life.
Doing good, being good for others to be happy together..
What a romantic and amazing idea it is.

Oh now, I’m so longing, longing to go many countries in this life..
Bhutan is one of them and definately I must go…


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