Activity while Lock-Down

The situation seems doesn’t change much.. I mean still getting worse.
We are stucked at home. But that’s what we can do for this world-wide emergency. I watched news yesterday that the doctor in Spain was crying in the camera shoot saying that her current working situation is too bad, too hustle, too tiring. The new patients are keep coming and she works more than 10 hours everyday with no rest.
“Please stay at home. Please.”
She works in danger for long hours everyday.. seeing the video message was heart-breaking.

Now, I as parent, must think what to do with kids at home.
They are bored. Their curiosity never lasts. They need some activities.

So today I let them do some color experiments.

What do I need to prepare? Some poster colors and paper towels only.

1st of all, prepare the colored-water.
That’s the interesting part. Drop primary color(Blue, Yellow, and Red) in each cup, and let children experience how to mix colors to make secondary colors (Green, Orange, Purple.)

They were so curious!
Now we have all basic colors except black and white

After the colors are ready, just hold the paper towels as you like and dip it into the color water.
Just simply and randomly.

Kids are really into it..
Color strains…
The great outcomes!

That’s all.

It’s simple, but it’s fun. And children can learn about the colors too.
Please try if you are interested!


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