Blissful Time

I think I am lucky.

Do you know “Almond Jelly” called as A-N-NIN-DO-FU?
The origin is from China but it’s quite popular desert in Japan too.
I’m so particular about this soft and gentle mouthfeel food.
How particular? I think I tried all Almond Jelly every time I saw it in Japan.

It’s been a long time I migrated to Malaysia.
And I couldn’t find this desert here. There similar kind like Tofu sweets, but it isn’t the same. Definately. None. Never.

You know how much I miss this food?

But hey, I’m the lucky one.
I have a Japanese friend in my town. She and I are only Japanese here.
She is running Chinese restaurant with her Malaysian husband and now she started to make & sell this desert!!

The best part is.. her restaurant is just one street beside from my house, wow wow wow!!
Even it’s quarantine time, I can get this desert everyday.

Now I enjoy eating it after lunch..It’s my most joyful, blissful time in a day.


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