My good-old days

This is a dedication to my Malaysian friends.

I think back the time while I lived in KL since 2001.

I was down in the mouth with heartbreak in Japan.
When my boss asked me to go to Malaysia, I denied because I was afraid of not seeing “him(ex-boyfriend)” anymore. (I was young.. :P)
So my boss set me 1 week holiday to explore Malaysia before I make final decision. All budget was on the company.
1 week was fun. Kuala Lumpur isn’t like now, not a huge city 20 years ago..
but I felt a lot of energy developing with unordinary speed.
And the interesting part for me was Malay, Chinese, Indian(3 big races in Malaysia)has their own cultures and it stands independently but in some part, it mixed well.
When I left this country at first time, I look down the ground from the airplane and saw the field of palm oil.
The scene was magnificent. And I thought.
“To stay or not to stay, anyway I don’t see “him” anymore. So why don’t I change place and reset my mind?”
I finally chose to come here. That was the beginning.

Many things happened but what I remember the most is going for “Yam Cha” all the time because of the SUPER hot and humid weather. 
Now I’m comfortable with Cameron Highlands weather, and rarely going out for Yam Cha with friends ‘cause I have children to take care. Not so free as last time. It is my current life style.

I remember my friends, colleagues, students, teachers always asked me to go out for drink tea.
We talked, laughed, cried, comforted someone who’s sad…
People gather and share the feeling in a short while, then come back to own daily life. It always cheers me up when I feeling down, or never let me feel lonely.
It was my good-old days.
I loved the life there. So I chose to be here.

Malaysia, my second home. It’s also homeground for my beloved children.


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