The Color Usage

The first part wasn’t easy.
I started to draw with many colors as I think this country is something similar to India.
They look like Indian, their cloths are almost like Indian.. but along the research, no, no, it has to be more particular, I thought.

I erased all colors that I used at the beginning.
Theirs are still colorful as Indian culture.. but I felt I must use softer touches, not like striking and energetic colors.
All country has the own color impression to me.
For example, Malaysian and Singaporean look alike. (Because of their history.. they were same country before.)
I draw Malaysia as very colorful illustration as previous work.
But I will draw Singapore with less color, and use more cooler colors.
The color might explain how I think about the country.

That’s why I must use softer colors for Sri Lanka.

They are called as “The pearl of Indian Ocean.”
Well I guess they have great natures around.

They are called as “Tears of Indian Ocean.”
Because of their sad history in the past.

They are called as “The land of healing.”
Yeah we all know they are famous about ayurveda.

Sri Lanka means “The Last Paradise.”

All my friends who has been to this country before says same thing.
You can’t miss the trip to Sri Lanka.

Oh how? How many countries I draw? And now I must plan where I really wanna go…


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