Locked Down Life

My longing star P!NK announced that she and her son were positive on the COVID19 test 2 weeks ago. Glad to know that they are ok now.
As she said in the post on FB, we have to stay home for more while. This virus is serious and spreadable widely and easily.
I’ve read an article which is saying that if all the people stay at home at the same time solidly, we can stop the spreads in 3 weeks… it will end within 3 weeks!

So little more while, we must hang on.

Ok, so our locked down life is kind of the battle with boredom.
Everyday I must think how to entertain kids who is 10, 5, and 3 yrs old.
TV or iPad is their good friends.. but can’t be used all the time.
They play together or mix together well, it helps a lot to kill the time.
But still, I as parent, must guide them do something creative sometimes.

Since the neighbor country, Singapore, is locked-down, we can’t produce flowers to send much now. So my husband has time, too.
What he does now? He made wood toys.
You know how many he made? like continuously he’ve made. 3 days. Keep bringing back wood toys. Yesterday brought wood toys. Today brought wood toys. Tomorrow will bring back wood toys, surely.
Now our house has a bunch of wood blocks in many sizes.

Bored children and I, was thinking.
Why don’t we color these simple wood blocks?
So we did. I don’t care how messy the house is, how dirty they get on their shirts, we must have fun anyway.

They color it freely and the youngest one was yes, I assumed.. all dark brown colors haha
cute outcomes by children!

Who was the most concentrate and enjoying person about this activity..
it’s me haha.

I draw animals to make key chain for each.
Elephant for my baby boy, crocodile is for myself, alpaca is for the first son, rhinoceros is for my hubby, and rabbit is for my daughter.
I did survey what animal they like the most and I drew it. (crocodile is mine but I just drew for fun.. the animal I like the most is rhinoceros, same with husband. So I just changed to other animal which is easy to illustrate :P)
The last lion is for the boy who is volunteering and helping our guest house. He had his birthday few days ago.

We still have a lot of wood blocks.
Wait for the next round!


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