Myanmar – Be Enchanted

“Be Enchanted” is a new copy set in 2018 for Myanmar, and I found it’s suitable 🙂

Along my research, I’ve found many interesting things.

1. The Bagan pottery are made by bamboo and horse tail hair!
It’s colorful and beautiful, and even “flexible” with those materials.
I’m keen to get the real one.

2. Their coffee is top quality of all over the world.
It’s a very good choice to buy as souvenir.
I love coffee, I drink coffee 2,3 cups in a day.

3. They are know as producing country of Jades.
I’m not much interested in jewelry but Jades.
It looks more like stone than jewelry. Mysterious.

4. Their colourful basket is really very cute!

5. White elephant! It’s not exactly very white.. I see as pink but I’ve never seen before. The elephant used to dedicated to the king.

And the last thing is… SUNSCREEN!
I saw many ppl from Myanmar in Malaysia and often saw they put white cream on their face.
I was wondering what is those? Is it part of cosmetic?
And now I know it’s sunscreen called “Thanaka”.

Many of woman and children apply this cream on their face.
They cut the Thanaka tree and rub it on the stone plate, and use the extracts as cream.
It’s very interesting.
It works as sunscreen but at the same time, it makes the skin white and smooth.
So it can be a good souvenir too!


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