Forget the past glory

This is my point of view, I must say before I start.

It was about 20 years ago and more.
Japan, my home country, was powerful in technological, financial and cultural way in Asia, I believe.
But as time goes by, the situation is changed.
Many of other Asian countries developed very fast and Japan is not leading others anymore honestly. I’m feeling it.

China, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong… and Taiwan.

Now Japan has to learn from others a lot. But still, those governors or any Japanese leaders are not aware of this fact. Some Japanese leadres/citizens do, some doesn’t too.

Taiwan and Korea are considered as successful to control COVID 19 situation now.
Taiwan, they learned from the experience of SARS and now they were the fastest one to block any possibility of increasing the number of the COVID 19 victims to enter to the country.
When they did at the beginning, many other countries thought that is a little overreaction, or just ignoring it.
But now we can see the results.

About 100 years ago, there was pandemic of The Spanish flu and it causes to the 450000 deaths in Japan. That means we had experienced how horrible the pandemic was. I’m wondering why now, COVID 19 things goes very bad in Japan.

We have to forget the past glory and be humble to learn.

I admire Taiwanese leaders…Ilha Formosa, Taiwan.
I dedicate this illustration to them with great respects.


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