I’ve been drawing Asia for these months and I draw Philippines this time.

I posted it on my SNS and soon my friend who used to be in Philippines for long time advised me a lot of points.

His conclusion is my drawing isn’t representing Philippines.

I understand what he wanna say. He may be right.
I didn’t put animals which represents Philippines.
I didn’t choose the better object which gives the impression of Philippines for him probably. Not only for him, for his Philippino friends too.

So well, there is a dilemma.
It wasn’t my purpose drawing the significant information/icons/any other stuffs to educate ppl about the country. No, it wasn’t.
I am drawing art with all the objects I picked from the research of the country and it doesn’t matter it’s a major/minor/general.
Along with the research, when I found object which attract or grab my attention, I try to combine them. Combine and let it fit to my world.
Therefore , it might look a little strange sometimes.
These countries in my drawing is the countries from my point of view.

I was thinking..
If people expect the accurate and obvious information on my drawing, should I follow?
Do I need to choose the drawing object which really represents the place exactly?
For example, Durians shouldn’t be there because it’s famous in only 1 island in Philippines?
Or I shouldn’t put a pangolin because there is more significant animals there?

The answer is YES if I’m doing this project to educate ppl.
But I’m not. My purpose is to draw out those scattered things in the country and combine it beautifully as an art piece to show “My World.”

It’s an art.

My friend is a wise man with good heart so he just wanted to give me advises not to make mistakes.

I didn’t put the proper description for this project. I should have done it at the beginning.
This opened up my eyes, I should explain more to avoid misunderstandings.

I hope ppl just simply enjoy my illustration as Asian countries drawn by Norico Chua with Norico’s point of view.


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