The Big Family Project

I’ve been away from drawing for these days not because of I’m upset about what happened to my last illustration.. haha No, no.

My family and I were doing the big family project…with 1 volunteer from Japan.
This young volunteer boy came to Cameron Highlands several times in the past few years.
We used to talk about our garden.. there are area to make kids playing space. But it wasn’t easy to make it real for some reasons.

But this time, fortunately or unfortunately, we are under locked-down situation.
It dramatically reduce the quantity of my husband’s business; therefore we could plan this well and made an action. We have lots of time.
What’s the project?

Making wall climbing!! Wow 😀

It took few weeks to complete and it couldn’t have done without any of us (family members and Japanese volunteer). We made it, YES!

Whole planning done by Japanese boy and my husband.
Design done by me.
Drawing done by all of us.
Construction part done by Japanese boy and my husband.

It looks great and so much fun!
Glad to see my kids are really into playing with it 😀


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