Short Rest

I’m not lazy. No, that’s not the reason I’ve been away from uploading new illustrations.
I was doing something else… to… to… refresh my brain.

When the things are too messy, don’t you feel sucked at the middle of nowhere? Like all the ideas’d gone. Empty. I was in that situation, yes.

So I needed to do something else for this duration. What I did was still creative though, I say.

Now I’m asking a Japanese boy who came for our guesthouse to volunteer to build up the mini-house for my children.
He is doing the architect design and mock-up. So I take the part of “Drawing”.

I painted the door with red color. And draw a cat which is knocking the door. Isn’t that cute? It’s just a simple drawing but I like it 😀

It’s going to be a cozy little house. I can’t wait to show the whole house pics later!


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