My Lucky Bird

Are you looking for your blue bird which brings good lucks and happiness?

When I think back my life, I recognize that my childhood was very happy.
I was raised with much love from parents even though we weren’t a rich family. I’d never had birthday present or Xmas gift. 3 siblings and I always share a pack of snacks. No fancy goods. No beautiful dresses.
But I’m always missing those days which were very warm, safe and full of love & laugh. I display one pic of my siblings and myself in the cabinet in my current house. Feeling nostalgic with warmth seeing the picture.

Adolescence. A lot of bitter memories. I’ll talk about this period sometime later.

I’m just wondering why I’ve never thought I’m the very lucky one to be there. Always thought there are something else in somewhere else. Like never-ending journey to search a blue lucky bird.
Maybe because I was too young? Too naive to settle in one place?
Right.. we must see the world as far as we can before we settle.

I draw a lucky bird. Wishing it brings all the good luck to my children wherever they are.

I hope it will bings you a good day too!


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