Not fated

Do you believe in fate?
I do.

I had a lot of thoughts about my friends in these days.
The world is still under irregular condition – COVID-19.

People helps each other and I saw / felt a lot of good connection among everyone. It gave me warmth in my heart.
But on the other side, this situation brought some friendships into the open.
Some hurt me deeply. I’ve never realized that person was so important, but yes.

For a while, I was feeling down.
I don’t know who to talk about this, so I made an international call to my younger sister in the U.S., and she was kinda shocked after hearing my story.
Because she never saw I’m into the friendship until this depth at this age, like over 40. Grown-up. No more adolescences. Sigh.

But I got over the difficult feelings anymore about it.
I could let it go and now moving forward.

This illustration is with the poem below.
Showing my feeling and giving a message to my children when they feel same as me.

“My soul never engrave”

You are singing without sound
Pretending familiar with me
I’m not misled by release of attraction
You became conceited as you are close to my heart because of your loneliness 
I’m sorry not to heal it
My soul never engrave you
No matter how beautiful your curses are
My soul never engrave you

Just let it go and don’t let it ruin the soul. Period.


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