How to cope with the problems?

Everyone has own problems. I got many, too.
I just wanna write how to cope with the problems. I mean, how I change my point of view to make my feelings easier.

Motherhood or parenthood is very precious but not easy.

I have to guid my children because they are still so small but sometimes I’m lost . I know that I’m not a perfect human too.

My first son is stubborn. Like me, I admit.
Today he resisted really, very hard.
I’m now regretting for being emotional with him.

It drags me down to the bottom. How can I be so offensive to my own son..?
It even gives me depression for long time before sleep 🙁

When I’m feeling down, I always try to change my mindset.

Like, It’s just a little story of a human being… so I wrote a poem and illustrate it.

“It’s a small planet”

We are mere dot of a small planet
We met, we liked,
We disappointed, we left 

We love, we kill,
We hate, we forgive

We all not only fear and unsure about the ending
But waiting for it too before we vanish

We are mere dot of a small planet
Our small fairy tales
Those tales going to vanish someday


Nothing lasts forever… It’s a little drama of a little human being.
Then I can accept anything.


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