Thousand Spring

Malaysia is known as one of the tropical countries.
“Tropical” means summer through whole year. Yes, it is always hot even though they have raining season or a little less hot season.. there isn’t much difference through a year.

So Japan where I’m from has 4 seasons.
Spring, summer, autumn, and winter… each season has specific things and natural scenery that reminds particular term. Each of them is beautiful.

I decided to draw four seasons and start with Spring.
This series will be dedicated to my daughter 😀

It’s a poem below with the illustration attached.

”Thousand Springs”

I see dreams and love in your apple of eyes
It reminds me the tender memories
And it makes me misunderstand as
I still hear the song of you
Precious girl, it’s on your hands
to stay flowers
or not to be
Just make sure you’ll be yourself
and you’ll be happy


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