Her Name

I have three children and I love them equally.
But my daughter…I specially care about her because she is a girl.

We, women, has been degraded compare to men for long time in the history in many places. A lot of bad cultures undervalued women including my home country now and then.

So I’m teaching my sons to respect women as same human being as men.
We are equal and have same rights even we are physically different.
I’m teaching my daughter not to belong to someone but to be independent.

She is a beautiful girl. Ok, it might be parents’ partiality for own children but well, excuse me, Yes, she is.
I love her so much as much as I love my sons.
I love her til I wrote a poem and illustrate her.
My wish on them is to be themselves and be happy.
No matter how they live, just wishing they are happy and enjoy life.

“Thousand summer”

You are loved by sunshine
Live, alive, jump around
Your laughs sound like a rolling bell
You little Ms. Sunshine in a dream of goldfish
Unforgettable waves and the sound of winds
Thank you for your unlimited love
Come back again someday
I’ll be waiting for you over thousand summer
We will meet again over thousand summer

The title is the meaning of my daughter’s Japanese Name 😀


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