Dropped My Head

My daughter love drawings and sometimes she asks me to draw with her.

So one day, we were at the little table in the garden.
My little lady asked me what I want to draw.
I said “Cute animals?” and she said “No.”
I said “Your Daddy?” and she said “No.”
“Well..” I continued ” “What do you want me to draw?”

“I’m gonna draw a Sakura tree.. so you must draw a lovely girl!”

I knew that it doesn’t matter whatever I answered, she is the queen.


I took a pen and did just a quick draw.
Not sure it took more than 3 minutes? Maybe not.
I draw a girl holding flowers.
And posted it to my Facebook page.

Surprisingly this is the illustration which got “LIKE” the most in recent works.

Those illustrations I always post takes few days to complete, but it gets less “LIKE”s.. it’s dropping my head.


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