Found a little Autumn

There is a song I used to dislike when I was a child.
It’s about Autumn. The rough translation for the lyrics is as below.

誰かさんが 誰かさんが 誰かさんが みつけた
ちいさい秋 ちいさい秋 ちいさい秋 みつけた
めかくし鬼さん 手のなる方へ
すましたお耳に かすかにしみた
よんでる口笛 もずの声
ちいさい秋 ちいさい秋 ちいさい秋 みつけた

Somebody have found the glimpse of Autumn
Come here, blindfold demon if you hear the craps
I heard the little whistle and the voice of a shrike
I’ve found the glimpse of Autumn

It’s very nostalgic and sounds little sad.. I used to feel uneasy when I heard its melodies in childhood.

But after time goes by, as I became an adult, I noticed this song is still sad yet beautiful. It reminds me of those time I can’t go back.

Autumn is beautiful, and at the same time, make people nostalgic.


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