A Beautiful Girl

I got 2 comments on previous post. But it were spam as always.
I immediately reported as spam without words.

Ha-ha I know no one is reading this blog..but I still write!! 😀

I have 4 nieces and 1 nephew.
Since I’m drawing only girls so far, I talk about my nieces.

Recently I draw 4 seasons.

Spring is for the baby niece just born in last year.
Summer is for my own daughter who contains “summer” in its name.
Fall is for sister niece living in Japan.
Winter is for the niece in the U.S.

They are all pretty. I don’t care if people call it as relative’s biased eyes.
They are all pretty.

I’ve just done the last one “Thousand Winter” 2 days ago.

Inspired the beautiful niece in the U.S.
She is a daughter of my younger sister.
We can’t meet each other often since we are both far from Japan.
Even we could go back to hometown once a year, but we don’t know wether the timing matches or not.

I miss my beautiful niece so much.


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