Yokai Neighbors

Do you know what Yokai is?
Yokai is Japanese word which mean monsters if I translate to English.
But Yokai is less scary compare to monsters such as vampire, werewolf, or frankenstein..Yokai is more close to us, sometimes funny and friendly.

For example, there is a Yokai in child appearances. She / he is called “Zashikiwarashi”. It lives in the old house and visible only for children.
When you count playing children in your house, if there was extra 1 child, that’s her/him.
Zashikiwarashi brings luck to your house. Isn’t that nice?

So. I was asked to send my art piece which I draw Yokai to the exhibition at AG Gallery in Brooklyn, New York before lock-down by COVID-19.

AG Gallery finally re-opened today. My work is exhibited there until 31st August 2020.

It had been long time I wait for this exhibition because of COVID-19. My work has just reached the day before the opening day. (It took 3 months!)
Well now, it’s all good and I’m happy.


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