Had a Stupid Dream

That was almost 5 a.m. I woke up and saw my husband’s face.
Took a little moment to understand it was a dream.

I was in the train sitting with my best friend ‘n chit-chatting.
My husband was sitting behind my seat with another girl.
They seems so lovely to each other. Holding hands and kissing on their cheek.

I was so angry telling my best friend, “Today is my birthday.. how could he do this to me..”
I couldn’t hold my mind keep calm, and right after the moment, I run and dropkicked them.
Left them behind and I cried, ran and ran.. thinking “I go to Florida. Florida is good place. I live near my sister and start new life with children!”

Then 5 a.m.

I was very sad but saw my husband face and gradually knew it was a dream.

I text whole story about my dream to my younger sister in Florida.
She told me that she is laughing until she can’t take a breath.
And I laughed too.

O.K. It’s time to go to bed today.


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