Sentimental Summer

Summer is hot, as everyone know.
Summer is kind of the season everyone become active. Maybe, yeah.

But summer… it has sentimental side in Japan.
This culture is from China, I guess.
We visit ancestors grave yard in summer every year.
Saying hi, or maybe thanking them to protect us..?
Anyway, we visit someone we can’t see anymore.

I miss my grandmother.
She was 84 when she passed because of cancer.
She was cute, she was hardworking, she could cook very well, she was kind, she was intelligent, she was wise, she was…superwoman.

I was young. Too young to spend time with her in her later year.
That’s what I’ve been regretting. This regrets are engraved in my heart.
I miss you, grandma.
I’m 43 now. I’m living happy marriage life with my 3 children.
Never had a chance to show my family to you.

I drew an illustration which I dedicate to you.

You are holding moon. We are gold fish.

I miss you.

I miss you.


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