New York Gallery!

Oh my. It happened few days ago.. didn’t post it to blog because I was another thing to write.

One of my art pieces had been exhibited at the gallery in Brooklyn, New York since the beginning of August.

It’s about 1.5 months passed. I wasn’t sure much about the last day to exhibit. But just let it be…

And I received the message via instagram from the buyer few days ago, like,

“I bought “Japanese monsters” today. I love it!”

Do you know how I feel.. I’m feeling like I can jump 7meters height at the pole vault!! (I’ve never tried though)

That was my first attempt submitting my art piece to overseas. And now it is showing me the good consequence.

I was so happy. And I just had one question in my mind, like, “how lucky am I ?”

I started researching about the gallery first. I mean, I’ve already checked their website when they asked me to submit my work to them, but this time I went deeper…

How important for the artist to be exhibited in the gallery?

How good to be exhibited in New York?

What’s the difference between “rent gallery” or “commercial gallery”?

All those questions I had were soon solved after the research and I know that I was super lucky to be found by them.

AG(About Glamour) gallery at Brooklyn in New York is a commercial gallery, I think.
They don’t charge to curate my art works, they don’t charge for submission, they only take commission when the art pieces are sold.
It’s really fair and they are really sincere.
Frequent contact and fast responses.
They even asked me to join the exhibition in the future with same theme (Japanese monsters), too.

Wow. I’m shameful to had been so ignorant about these kinda gallery & artists thing. I now really deeply appreciate the curator who found me for their exhibition.

Thank you, AG Gallery, I promise I’ll be better for next one.


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