Artbook of Selected Illustration

That was probably a half year ago I don’t remember.
I had a chance to join “Artbook of Selected Illustration” as an artist.
The book has several topics such as “girls”, “boys”, “monsters”, “cut illustration” and “modern Japanese”.
I joined “modern Japanese” this time.

So because of COVID-19. The published book I supposed to get about end of July, It didn’t reach over 2 months.
You know how happy I was when I could get it in my hand finally.

The cover page looks a little scary, but it is really Japanese. I like it.

And the quality of other artists… wow I wasn’t expected this high standard.
I should be humble but this time…I’m little proud of myself as I’m one of them 😀

The paper quality is really good.. the color is shown as it is.
Wanna join the other artobok 😀


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