One of my best work

I know this would be one of my best work through my life.

What is it?

It’s albums! 🙂

I’m not really good at cooking.
Not really patient.
Sometimes moody especially when I’m on period.
I admit I’m not perfect/ideal mother for my children.
They maybe think I’m really a scary mom.

But I do love them even I can’t face to them for 24 hours.
I do love them even I feel lazy to cook for them sometimes.

I do. They are my beloved. My treasure. My precious.

I take pictures of them. It’s like cut-out the dairy scene to keep our memories. And I combine all together to make it into album.
I’ve already done 4 albums, and now I’m working on 5th one.

Looking back memories, it really makes me feel they are growing up too fast. I feel kinda sentimental feeling of it, haha.
Until what age I can hold their hands without hesitating?
Until what age I would be the first one who listen to their stories?
Until what age they stick and stalk around me?

They are so adorable, lovable, and at the same time, they can drive me crazy like angry mother monster.
Oh I love them with all my heart.

I make copies for each album. When they would reach to the age of 20, it would be my gift to them for their celebration to be an adult. (People are considered as adults in Japan when they became 20 years old.)

I am waiting and not waiting for the day XD


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