Time Flies

My littlest one just turned 4 the day before yesterday.

I ordered a birthday cake to my auntie-in-law? How to call? She is my mother-in-law’s sister. Auntie?

Anyway. She is the great baker. I can say she is the best one among the ppl I know in my town.
Her sponge cake is just great. Fluffy and delicious. Not too sweet. Just good.
Her decoration skill is just great. I guess she spent many years to achieve that level.
Her decoration sense is… she prefer Chinese style maybe(It’s her style, and of course demands are everywhere in such a small country town), but if I asked her to do with the reference, she can do exactly same.
Ok, I think it’s enough to explain how good she is.

My boy loves batman. Firstly he liked Spiderman. Then change to Flash. All the sudden Hulk came in, and now batman is his new super hero.

I searched internet of course.

But I noticed that the batman’s cake won’t be so cute.
Those cake can be stylish.. but those references on web isn’t what I wanted.

So I just told auntie…to make it cute and cheerful like kids will love.

And on the day.. she made it. She baked a very cute, cheerful, colourful and delicious cake for my boy!


My boy was so excited to see the cake and boomed out while we were singing birthday song.
Auntie just made his birthday the best 😀


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