Family Portrait

I used to draw portraits. Especially for wedding reception.
I think I draw about 100 and I quit long ago.

I lost a motivation after I drew so many. If I’m just married, I think the mood is still there but after few years passed, I was really busy for chasing my children.. no time, no motivation and changing perception for the marriage. I thought I couldn’t take it no more.

Well, since I quit drawing wedding portraits, 10 years has passed.
Now I tend to think how to take care the family.
My husband, my boys and a girl. And myself too.
So it motivated me to start drawing portrait again sometimes now.
I mean the family portrait.

I drew my good friend family at first.
It was fun and made them happy.. means made me happy as well.

Then my neighbor asked me to draw because she saw the friends family portrait. She is going to move out to new apartment after few months, then she want to put the portrait on the wall.

Well, this is the one I draw, and my neighbor loves it 🙂


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