Norico Chua is a Japanese artist based in Malaysia.
Published 5 picture-books as below:

ちゅあのりこ はマレーシア在住日本人アーティストです。

“A Cake Reaching to the Sky”
“The Werewolf and His Moon”
“The Yellow Lion and the Blur Lion”
“The Rocket Caterpillar”
“The Moonlight Princess”

”ひのライオン みずのライオン”

[Media Featured]

2014  Featured at one of the Malaysian significant newspaper STAR
2017  Broadcasted on documentary TV program in Japan
2018  Interviews on the magazine in Singapore “UNLOCK JAPAN”


2014年 マレーシアの新聞STARに取材・掲載
2017年 読売テレビ系列 「グッと!地球便」でドキュメンタリー放映
2018年 シンガポールのフリーマガジンで特集取材

One writer describes her illustration works besides picture-books are special mix of dreaminess and precision, shapes often suggesting more than one thing at once in a very poetic way, and beautiful rich colours and textures.


She has Malaysian husband and 3 children.
Her mixed marriage inspired her more to oriental culture and arts.
Digging in her own identity as Japanese, and connect to other Asian cultures will keep her works as unique and original.