Introducing published and published-to-be picture books around Asian countries such as Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, and Japan by Norico Chua.

“A Cake Reaching to the Sky”

2013 Feb. Published in Malaysia
2015 Re-printed
2016 Published in Korea
2017 Published in Philippine
2018 Published in japan

Story: It’s about a cake for a boy and granny. A boy is building up the huge huge cake reaching to his granny.

“Werewolf and His Moon”

2013 Published in Malaysia.

Story: I’ll never regret that I met you. It’s a very special friendship between werewolf and moon.

“The Yellow Lion and the Blue Lion”

2015 Published in Malaysia.

Story: Mixing yellow and blue equal to green. Then what mixture of sunlights and water makes? Who is the bad one? Who is the great one?
This is a story strongly contains a message of anti-war.

“The Rocket Caterpillar”

2017 Published in Malaysia.

Story: I am a caterpillar can’t turn to beautiful butterfly as everyone does.
One day I decided to fly as high as I can go with my rocket tail. 

“The Moonlight Princess”

2017 Published in malaysia.

Story: The beautiful moon light princes attracts many prince in the county, but she never wanted to marry to any of them..what is the reason?
This is one of the most famous Japanese old folk longly loved by Japanese.
Many artists draw this story.

“This Boy”

Story: Start journey not to kill, but to meet friends. To-be-published in 2020.

“How the coolest giraffe looks like?”

Story: When you want to be a good friend with someone, what would you do?
If you really want to get close to someone’s heart, you have to…

To-be-published in 2020.