Hippi Garden Cafe

I have good friend and she is one of them.
She is from Japan near my hometown.
We both married to Malaysian, but she married to Malay, I married to Chinese Malaysian. Lifestyle might be different but we both enjoying life in Malaysia.

She and her husband owns a cafe in Ipoh. Ipoh – the nearest city from my town in Cameron Highlands. It takes about 1 and half hours reaching there.

The cafe has beach style, reggae feeling and it is very relaxing & peaceful.
It isn’t a modern or stylish cafe but it’s really comfortable as their life style..
You should visit there if you were in Ipoh 🙂

Daddy is a reggae musician.
Mummy is handling cafe.
And their daughter is like sunshine.

So I draw them in a family portrait.
I illustrated them and framed it.
It does look good!


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