We need fantasy to survive Reality.

Have you ever seen that giraffe is singing?
Did you have your invisible friend?
Were you always able to fly as a wizard in your dream?
Were you able to talk to animals?

Many of us used to be a dreaming child.
The World of Norico Chua is the world we used to have in our childhood.


[ Choose the product from below]
1. Postcard Size Art without frame .. RM20
2. Postcard Size Art with Frame .. RM30
3. A4 Size Art Print without Frame .. RM60
4. Canvas print 40x40cm ..RM160
5. Order-made portrait print on Canvas board
(Maximum 4 persons .. additional RM50/person)
40x40cm/35x45cm/45x35cm .. RM350
60x60cm .. RM500
100x100cm/120x60cm/60x120cm ..RM650

[Email me to confirm order after choosing artworks at illustration gallery page.] *Except “5.Order-made portrait”

*All works would be adjusted its original size to fit to all postcard/A4/canvas print size.
*Due to Covid-19 situations, currently sold in Malaysia only.